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Our Edge

We understand speedy execution and liquidity is what you look for. Our strategy is to continuously enhance speed with velocity that is built-in on our platform Xodiac, giving you a new perspective, sharper vantage point and a competitive edge.









Our Team

With more than a century of experience in financial engineering and trading financial instruments, we are seasoned professionals not shy of a new challenge. Our philosophy is to learn from the past but create the future now.

Across all our endeavors, we are at the forefront of building a visible and accessible ecosystem for you. Simplifying the complex digital asset trading environment into one you navigate effortlessly. Our focus is on giving institutional clients execution efficiency, deepening liquidity and your satisfaction. We guarantee the soundness and robustness of our technological structure for a safe and exciting trading experience for you.


About Us

Xodiac’s vision is to create an ecosystem where transparency is paramount, iterate on best execution, and where deep-rooted liquidity prevails. The longevity of Xodiac is a function of our team’s performance to put our clients’ interest first while shareholders support our long-term vision.

Our mission is to simplify the future of digital asset trading through lightning speed execution and deep-rooted liquidity supported by a safe infrastructure.


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